Cinemark Memorial City Mall is a major shopping center for the local residents and the shoppers who visit this area in Birmingham, Alabama. The huge selection of merchandise at this mall makes it a favorite place for shoppers in the metropolitan area.

There are various restaurants where movie fans can enjoy their favorite films. This mall has two separate sections: The Movie Town and the Cinemark Memorial City Mall. Both sections are available for all customers.

The city mall has a number of retail stores, restaurants, shops, and various department stores. The movie lovers may visit the numerous food joints here to have their favorite Chinese and Mexican food. There are even some ice cream parlors here to provide ice cream enthusiasts an option to enjoy. Here, they can try out the new flavors and see if they are satisfied with the taste of ice cream that they have purchased.

Harry Potter 6 Premiere at CineMark (Memorial City Mall Houston)

Apart from restaurants and shopping centers, there are also souvenir shops in this mall. The souvenir shops display the famous items and antiques of the movie industry. This is not surprising because some of the shops and restaurants in this mall were built by the movie makers.

The first section of the mall, the Movie Town, has a large display area, a game room, and video rental store. In addition, the mall offers activities for children and adults of all ages.

The Cinemark Memorial City Mall has a coffee house and a pizza parlor which serve their pizzas to their customers. The front of the mall is connected to the “Mall at the Peninsula” which provides a wide variety of food. In addition, the mall includes an outdoor lounge and a restaurant.

Sincethis shopping center is larger than other areas in the city, you may want to check out some of the sections here to find out which would be best for you. You may also wish to attend one of the movie nights, which are held once or twice a month.

This mall can offer a number of options for movie lovers. It also provides various options for the kids.

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