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Ywat Hlae Silk & Cotton

Ywat Hlae has obtained its good reputation since 1973 and success more from 2010 onwards for selling fine quality Myanmar Traditional Cotton and Silk wears to all Customers of Myanmar as well as abroad at competitive prices with warmest services.
Ywat Hlae has already opened 3 sales outlets at Taw Win Center, the fourth one at Junction 8 Shopping Center and the fifth one is newly opened here @ City Mall St.John.
Welcome one! Welcome all! Both new as well as old customers to our new sales outlet!
Ywat Hlae has its own, unique and classic styles of shop design, display of its fine products, out fits of cheerful sales girls etc. in conformity with the customers’ satisfaction and Myanmar tradition.
We are doing our best on our own ways to our valued customers.
Thanks to all of the customers for your support and loyalty.

Shop Name: Ywat Hlae Silk & Collection (St.John)
Shop No: Level 2/ 37
Email: ywat.hlae@gmail.com, ywathlefashion@gmial.com,
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YwatHlaeCottonAndSilkyWears/